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Blackout365 encourages you to shop from nearby small business owners.

Local Businesses, Here's the secret to growth in a post-covid economy.

Blackout 365 has launched a brand new app that will give your small business the opportunity to grow and expand in ways you never thought possible.

Our mobile application uses push notification combined with proximity technology so people coming nearby are automatically alerted of your location, which generates more foot traffic.

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Did you know that YOU can invest into the future of your community?

How? Local businesses are a key factor for economic growth and prosperity. By supporting local businesses, you’re investing in tomorrow's jobs today!

You can find them by using Blackout 365 and support those who supported your community.

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Custom Marketing Strategy for Blackout365:

I want to employ a marketing campaign that automatically connects small local businesses to our mobile application, auto-creating and populating the mobile application in the Atlanta Market.

Small Local Businesses based on Priority Onboarding:
(1) Minority-Owned, < 10 Employees,
(2) <10 Employees
(3) <20 Employees

After an analysis of marketing strengths in the Atlanta area, there are over 1 million small businesses that serve over 10,000,000 consumers. Local Businesses have been struggling since COVID-19, and with our push notification marketing technology, Blackout365 will be able to provide new strategies for growth at a very affordable rate. As Businesses are added, an email will be sent to each owner of the populated business notifying them to claim their business now. As Business Owners claim their apps, they will be offered a free trial subscription (see monetization strategy). Business Owners may opt-out of subscription and have basic access and publication onto the application. If Business Owners (with proper email warnings etc) do not claim their business, their business may be taken down within 30 days.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Businesses that opt in on the free trial subscription (Tier 1) will receive 30 days of free Featured Listing to local users based on proximity for $9.99 a month.
Businesses may opt in on Tier 2 that does not offer a free trial subscription but offers 2 push notifications to the users of the apps within proximity every 30 days. $29.99 a month.

Growth Strategy

Businesses that are opt-in on any subscription may be approached via email to sell personalized marketing collateral for $49. The marketing collateral will be branded with our mobile application and their business logo, with a call to action of "Find us on the app, Download Now!" So they can also utilize the push notification request feature to Target their customers. Marketing Collateral can consist simply of a business card with QR Code to the App Store and their Website which can cost around $50 at cost. This strategy will also help bring consumers onto the app, increasing the demand quickly and decreasing consumer marketing (which can be very costly).


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