Support small businesses around your area with Blackout365

Blackout365 encourages you to shop from nearby small business owners.

How Blackout 365 Can Help Small Businesses? helps small businesses to generate more customers and leads by providing them with a free app that allows small businesses to get their voice heard and connect them to their ideal client. This is how it works: Download our app because as of recently It's hard to find the right business for you.


Finding a great business is like finding a needle in a haystack, and it can be even harder if you're looking at businesses owned by minorities or women. Blackout365 helps you find your next favorite place to shop from local mom-and-pop shops to online stores run by black, hispanic, asian entrepreneurs no matter the race our goal is to provide small businesses an avenue to get her voice heard.

We built this app as an easy way for people who want to support minority-owned businesses or locally owned businesses while they shop online, so that they don't have to search through hundreds of websites just trying to figure out where their money is best spent. By supporting these small businesses, we can help them grow into something bigger than themselves and make our communities stronger!



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