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Best Practices for Minorities in Small Businesses

Many people believe that minorities don't have the opportunity to start their businesses. However, this is not true. Small businesses make up 98% of all American companies, and minority groups are no exception. But how do you know which small business idea will be profitable? We'll give you great advice on what to consider before starting your own company as a minority!

Due to the various issues of access, education, and privilege faced by minorities in small businesses, a set of best practices has been created. Some large companies are also taking steps toward diversity so they can operate more efficiently and gain market share from this untapped resource. Companies with diverse workforces tend to be more innovative because their employees bring different perspectives on problems or challenges during business operations. This article includes some good tips for those looking at starting a new business and those currently running one. As you read through these points, keep your own experiences in mind and consider how each would apply to your company's environment now or if it should be adapted based on plans.


Realize that the business is more than your ideas. You are not just importing a product or building tools for one person--you have to think about how it will affect everyone involved, from customers and suppliers down to employees you might hire later on. Be realistic with what kind of help you need, if any. If there's no support network around you yet, don't try anything too ambitious without first testing out the waters before taking on something new. Managing multiple roles can be difficult but necessary when working alone as part of a minority group in small businesses, so make sure that whatever idea(s) come next include some ways to break up those duties into manageable chunks again!

  • Minimize employee turnover/increase productivity

  • Promote from within the organization to increase retention and avoid costs of recruitment.

  • Use a variety of mentoring approaches, including one on one coaching, peer support groups, etc.

  • To be successful, both business owners and the employees at a small business need to have good working relationships. This will help ensure that everyone can perform their job functions effectively, which ultimately leads to the company's growth as a whole.


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